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Lighting the way for businesses at the Firelight Festival

Lighting the way for businesses at the Firelight Festival

May 29th, 2024 - Daniel Hibberd

The Docklands Chamber of Commerce (DCC) is excited to welcome the return of the  City of Melbourne’s annual Firelight Festival, which set to ignite Docklands from June 28 to 30.


Diwali magic in Docklands

November 29th, 2023 - Daniel Hibberd

In a dazzling celebration of cultural diversity and community spirit, Marvel Stadium and The District Docklands recently played host to this year’s spectacular Melbourne Diwali festival.

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Events season in Docklands

November 1st, 2023 - Daniel Hibberd

With summer well on the way it’s been fantastic to see the sun shining down on Docklands, particularly when we have events galore right on our doorstep this month.

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Docklands abuzz with spring activities

September 27th, 2023 - Daniel Hibberd

As we all know Marvel Stadium is undergoing a world-class renovation, and the results to date are nothing short of thrilling, we can’t wait to see more!

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Spring brings even more in Docklands

August 30th, 2023 - Daniel Hibberd

As the weather finally gets warmer and we begin to feel spring in the air the events just keep coming.

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Exciting events coming to Docklands

June 28th, 2023 - Daniel Hibberd

The chamber is thrilled to participate in the recently established Docklands Stakeholder Group. As the president, I have the privilege of representing the chamber in this group, which was formed as a key outcome of the successful Docklands Summit. 

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Winter in Docklands

May 31st, 2023 - Daniel Hibberd

The winter events calendar in Docklands is heating up with Firelight Festival returning from June 30 to July 2. 

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Exciting news for Docklands

May 3rd, 2023 - Daniel Hibberd

The City of Melbourne has announced its newest major event, the Now or Never festival, which is expected to attract more than 200,000 people to the city from Thursday, August 17 to Saturday, September 2.

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Activity increasing in Docklands

March 29th, 2023 - Daniel Hibberd

It’s hard to believe we’re already heading into Easter holidays, and as a business owner, the end of the financial year seems like it’s just around the corner. 

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All along the watchtower

March 2nd, 2023 - Daniel Hibberd

While we eagerly await upcoming action on Central Pier following recent community engagement through Development Victoria, it’s exciting to see that other areas of Docklands are being investigated as possible activation sites.

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AGM results

AGM results

December 2nd, 2015 - Docklands News
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