About Us

The first Docklands Community News edition was published in 2003. Since then we have grown at the same speed as the Docklands, looking to serve the community in the best way possible. In October 2009 we modified our name to be simply Docklands News.

Docklands News is printed monthly and 13,000 printed copies are distributed throughout the Docklands area as well as specific outlets in neighbouring suburbs. Docklands News was originally established by VicUrban, the Victorian Government's development agency, as a community building tool. Today, it is privately owned and operated by Sean Car.

It is our job to inform the community of events, news and changes that are evolving around the area. We are a trusted source of information for residents, workers and visitors within the Docklands. We are the voice of Docklands.

Owner/Editor - Sean Car.

Journalists - David Schout, Rhonda Dredge, Spencer Fowler Steen, Katie Johnson, Jack Hayes (business), Brendan Rees

Photography - John Tadigiri

Production/Design - Kellie Roberston, Janina Roque

Docklands News - Your community - Your newspaper

Meet Our Team

Sean Car

Sean Car | Owner & Editor

Sean has worked in the City of Melbourne reporting local news in Docklands, Southbank and the CBD for 10 years. He previously worked at WIN News in Shepparton as a broadcast journalist and operates a not-for-profit organisation working with communities in Malawi and Uganda. As a Melburnian and owner and managing editor at Hyperlocal News, he's passionate about community and the role local journalists play in fostering it. 


David Schout | Journalist

David has worked for Docklands News for more than two years and is a dedicated and passionate journalist. He has worked in the media both in Australia and abroad and has worked across a diverse range of publications including The Guardian, Herald Sun, Leader, ESPN and Wisden. From council affairs to local news and sport, he enjoys reporting about all things Docklands.


Rhonda Dredge | Journalist

Rhonda first became involved with Hyperlocal News through Docklands News's sister publication CBD News, where she has been contributing as an art and literature critic for the past seven years. Since then, she has extended her arts, culture, street and general news reporting talents to Docklands and other communities. Rhonda is an experienced artist and journalist, who has a strong background in community and local government. 


Jack Hayes | Business Editor

Jack has worked for Hyperlocal News for three years and wears a number of hats as marketing and distribution manager, as well as business editor and journalist. With a background in journalism and marketing, Jack combines two strengths through his work at Hyperlocal News with a personable and professional character to match that is always well received in the local community. 



Tom Bacon | Owners' Corporation Law


Jackie Watts | Melbourne Maritime Heritage Network


Shane Wylie | Docklands Chamber of Commerce


Stella Barber | Precinct Perspective (Victoria Harbour)


Keith Sutherland | Precinct Perspective (Yarra's Edge)


Dr Janette Corcoran | Skypad Living


Julian Smith | Precinct Perspective (NewQuay)


Abby Crawford | Abby's Angle


Tim Martin | Precinct Perspective (Batman's Hill)


Sue Dight | Mission to Seafarers


Ashley Smith | History


Barbara Francis & Rus Littleson | We Live Here


Rob Pradolin | Housing All Australians


Ivana Molnar | The District Docklands


Dr Mike Edgley | Health & Wellbeing