Why dancing is great for your body

Why dancing is great for your body
Dr Mike Edgley

For as long as humans have been walking, we’ve been dancing. 

Dance is viewed in many different ways across cultures. It can be part of religious expression, spiritual connection, celebration, self-expression, and performed competitively across nations as we watch in awe and admiration. 

What if a boogie was good for your body? 

It doesn’t have to be strictly a boogie or strictly a ballroom, but there is plenty of evidence to suggest that dancing has some great benefits for your body from your muscles to your mental health. 

Dancing helps improve your posture 

Unless you’re into dancing with only one part of your body (which is fine if that’s your thing!), it typically involves the coordination and use of multiple muscles to balance, including your core. Good core strength helps promote good posture and stability, which is great news for your body. 

A lot of dances also require a good deal of flexibility (although you might leave the flips and splits to a few classes in). Flexibility calls for good joint health, and the two feed on each other as you glide your way across the dance floor. 

Dancing is great cardio 

Both fast- and slow-paced dances have the ability to get the heart pumping, which is the goal of a good cardio workout. When your heart gets pumping, your blood gets pumping and carrying oxygen around the body to help lower your blood pressure, strengthen your heart muscle, regulate your blood sugar, improve your mental health and sleep, and helps to maintain or lose weight as you increase your fitness. 

Some people also might find a dance less intimidating than going for a run! 

Dancing is great for your mental health 

Dancing can help improve your mental health in both a psychological and physical way. Through the cardiovascular benefits, it helps to release endorphins (feel-good hormones) which can improve your mood and help fight against anxiety, depression, and memory loss.
Dancing can also give you a confidence boost as you learn a new move or dance style and add to your self-esteem. 

Dancing is a great social connection point for you as you meet new people, learn new things together, and provide a sense of community and belonging which can help combat loneliness and isolation. 

Dancing helps tone your muscles 

A great deal of dances will have you moving most of your major muscle groups from your glutes and legs to your arms and abdomen. The more you use those muscles with regular dancing, the more toned they will become from getting a routine and rhythmic whole-body workout.

There are a lot of great reasons to make dancing a regular part of your week! •

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