Addressing issues in Yarra’s Edge


By Keith Sutherland

A big shout-out to City of Melbourne Cr Kevin Louey and three senior managers who met a delegation of residents at Point Park last month. 

We had a list of many concerns that we believed were not being addressed by the council and some we considered were dangerous and needed urgent attention.

Some of the issues we had were the gravel paths around Point Park which created a dangerous situation with the sand whipping up in people’s faces and across footpaths making them slippery in the high winds that blow through the area.

Also the ponds created after rain along the walkways creating a hazard for pedestrians and cyclists and more particularly mothers with prams. Unfortunately, this has been an ongoing situation for many years.

South Wharf Drive paving has been breaking up and the area around the trees has been caving in and the council has now started some repairs but a lot more needs to be done as this is a very popular walking area. 

It has been pleasing to see the increased numbers using Point Park and the barbecue facilities but after a busy weekend the rubbish bins have been overflowing and we have requested more in that location and close to the pizza shop.

We also asked that the council consider beautifying the piazza in front of Towers 1 & 2 with permanent tables, chairs and umbrellas and make the area more inviting for residents and tourists that frequent the area.

The council officers listened to our concerns and said they would put our requests into the system but it all comes down to priorities and what’s in the budget going forward.

My concerns in the during the three-and-a-half years we have been living at Yarra’s Edge it seems we are the poor relations when it comes to council spending in this area.

I see the Marina and amenities as a fantastic tourist attraction as is evidenced by the numbers of people that are attracted to this location.

Some time ago I met with Lord Mayor Sally Capp and some of her officers and suggested that the council fund some kind of music event at Point Park which has much to offer. 

Unfortunately, with COVID restrictions the arts and entertainment industry has been decimated and this is something the council could do to support the music industry.

The open space on the park would be ideal for residents and families to enjoy some great music. 

Now that things are starting to get back to normal after the third snap lockdown it really is incumbent on us all to support those businesses that stayed open at great expense to them in many cases so they deserve our ongoing loyalty to help them through what’s been a difficult year.

Finally, it’s great to see Melbourne people starting to get back to normal and we hope that over the next few months we see more employees coming back to the city and the Docklands precinct which can only help support those struggling local businesses.

We all need to be vigilant going forward as COVID is still with us for many months to come and we need to be wearing masks when required and still must observe social distancing where possible and be mindful that we don’t want to go into lockdown again •

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Docklands voters turn green and sexy

August 3rd, 2022 - Docklands News
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