2020 in Yarra’s Edge

2020 in Yarra’s Edge

By Keith Sutherland

Now that the festive season is behind us, it’s time to focus on the year ahead.

And the best news so far this year is the certainty surrounding Point Park after trying to get answers on ownership, which kept coming back inconclusive.

We have received confirmation that the area is Crown land and the City of Melbourne is the manager of the park. There will be no Tower 7 as Mirvac has plans to build Tower 9 in the future on the area currently utilised as its sales office, while the land fronting Lorimer St is earmarked for future commercial and retail purposes.

I don’t like to be negative but I have to say how disappointed residents from Yarra’s Edge were with last year’s Christmas decorations going up only two weeks before Christmas.

Many people spoke to me about being the poor relations on this side of the river and I have to agree much money is spent in the CBD and we get little in return for the millions paid in rates. There has to be a fairer way of rate distribution.

Also, at a meeting with a councillor and City of Melbourne department managers I floated an idea of having a free music event at Point Park only to be told that all funding for 2020 had already been allocated. This was very disappointing to hear but if anyone has ideas for 2021 please let me know.

While we are talking about council matters there needs to be clarification as to the use of the community space, which has been vacant for nearly two years as no one seems to know the rules or how you go about using the space. It’s also been disappointing to see the problems with the newly surfaced Webb Bridge when it rains as it was quite dangerous for cyclists.

On a positive note, it’s great to see the reopening of Anchor coffee shop at South Wharf Drive overlooking the Yarra in front of Forge Apartments offering great coffee and delicious snacks.

Over the holiday period many families took advantage of barbecue facilities at Point Park, which has to be one the best assets of Yarra’s Edge. “Movies under the Stars” on February 14 and 15 was extremely popular again.

Docklands is fast becoming the go-to place for visitors in Melbourne as it has a vast array of restaurants, accommodation, sporting, shopping and new supermarket and speciality shops at the expanded The District shopping centre. The entertainment area also has much to offer families and, of course, the jewel in the crown is the Yarra River with all its nautical activities.

Victoria Harbour, NewQuay and Yarra’s Edge each have their own unique characteristics which offer much to visitors and tourists with many taking advantage of the fantastic photography opportunities.

RekDek’s pool renovations and upgrades are looking good. The facility, located inside Tower 1 at 50 Lorimer St, is always well-patronised when I go to do my laps on a regular basis. There has also been a change of management, with Just In Time Personal Training taking over this well-equipped gym with additional classes so check it out if you haven’t been lately.

The hooning situation at Point Park is still creating a nuisance factor even with more policing activities taking place in the area. Victoria Police and City of Melbourne are trying to work through this issue but it seems to be an ongoing annoyance with no satisfactory outcome thus far.

I loved the feedback on my proposal to change the postcode in Yarra’s Edge to 3007, which I raised in my last column in the November edition of Docklands News. I would love to hear from you about other suggestions or improvements for Yarra’s Edge, as this is an opportunity to have your say. We love the area and only want what’s best for us all.

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