Potential overshadowing in Digital Harbour

Potential overshadowing in Digital Harbour

By Meg Hill

The City of Melbourne is likely to ask the Minister for Planning to reduce the height of a development proposal in Digital Harbour to stop future public open space from being overshadowed.

The City of Melbourne’s Future Melbourne Committee (FMC) will consider a proposal for a tower at 208 – 226 Harbour Esplanade on February 2. The site is part of the Docklands’ incomplete Digital Harbour Precinct, which has recently been rebranded as City Harbour.

But the precinct’s planned “key public asset” – future public open space named the “Central Green” – would be unacceptably affected by the tower, according to a report from council management.

“At 11.00am on March 20 shadows would be cast over 90 per cent of Central Green. At the same time on September 22 shadows would extend over the entirety of this space. This extent of overshadowing is excessive and would undermine its enjoyment,” the report read.

The report stated that the level of overshadowing would exceed that anticipated by the Digital Harbour Development Plan. As such, it recommended that the Minister for Planning require a reduction in height of part of the tower from 90 metres to 75 metres.

The Minister for Planning has authority over the application, but the application was referred to council for comment.

The proposed 22-storey building is costed at $195 million and would include office and retail space. 

Although it is a single building, the proposal has three distinct tower elements at proposed heights of 96.5 metres and 90 metres.

The application is the first of a new-look City Harbour precinct development plan, with developer Poly Australia’s 1000 Latrobe commercial project nearing completion along Latrobe St.

Future developments are also earmarked for 50 Digital Drive, 240 Harbour Esplanade and 220-230 Harbour Esplanade, which are all currently occupied by a car park •

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