An open letter to Michael and Andrew Buxton, MAB Corporation

An open letter to Michael and Andrew Buxton, MAB Corporation

An open letter to Michael and Andrew Buxton, MAB Corporation

“Success is what you leave the world”, a famous philanthropist once said.  

And you have certainly started a great philanthropic legacy by building and donating the $26m Buxton art gallery to the University of Melbourne. 

We, the residents of Docklands, and, in fact the rest of Melbourne, would like to see you not only redouble your philanthropy, but to take a pay cut. 

Please do not build the proposed tower blocks along the water and next to the Ron Barassi Senior Park. 

Don’t build any buildings ... hence the pay cut.

But instead, create a great riverside park/walkway/sculpture garden … you name it. 

A pleasure garden for all Melburnians. 

Think of this … create the Maritime Museum, (which at present seems to be floating in no man’s land) extend the tram from the terminus in Docklands across a new bridge, above North Wharf (but with some sort of access), and on to Lorimer St near the Bolte Bridge. This would create a loop which would revitalise the NewQuay part of Docklands, link it to North Wharf and the Maritime Museum at the end of North Wharf Rd, and then link Yarra’s Edge, and the new suburb on the south of the river. 

The new Maritime Museum is the anchor, but so is the beautiful parkland extended out into the water right up to Bolte Bridge, with entertainment features etc, etc.

With your contacts you could engage the best architect in the world, Santiago Calatrava, (or maybe Renzo Piano) to do the museum as well as the bridge ... integrated.

Every building he does around the world becomes a tourist attraction. This is what Melbourne needs to finally become world-class. 

Be the new Sidney Myer of Melbourne, and create a legacy that will be remembered long after you are gone, but your names remembered. 

We don’t need any more tower blocks here, but we do need some cultural spaces that will be enjoyed for generations. 

You will have no shortage of advice on what could be included in such a green space. Something to bring Melbourne into the new age and stand among the world-class cities. 

The world has so few philanthropists these days, unlike previous times, and we cry out for some leadership in this area. 


Daryl Mead

Docklands voters turn green and sexy

Docklands voters turn green and sexy

August 3rd, 2022 - Docklands News
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