Giving back to Docklands

Giving back to Docklands
Keith Sutherland

What a great initiative from City of Melbourne and the Docklands Chamber of Commerce to provide residents access to $100,000 to support local businesses in the Docklands precinct to get back on their feet after the devastating effects of COVID-19.

Hopefully people are taking up this offer for 3008 residents as we all have a responsibility to support local as they supported us during the pandemic.

As we approach the Victorian Election in November it is now time for interested parties to voice their opinions on the issues that affects us as this is the only time when we seem to have access to our politicians who are after our vote.

An issue that I have been very vocal about for the past four years is to get answers on the proposed tram bridge from Collins St to Lorimer St and now we have a freight bridge proposed next to the Bolte Bridge which we can’t get answers on either.

Both sides of politics promise much but are very light on detail.

An issue among many residents of the Yarra’s Edge precinct has been the lack of proper planning by state government and, in particular, the City of Melbourne with their dependence on development with no real consideration for open and green spaces other than Point Park which is a great asset and well and truly utilised.

It seems that overdevelopment without the proper consideration of roads and public transport is a recipe for disaster and we only hope that the proper planning controls will be in place for one of Australia’s most exciting redevelopments at Fishermans Bend.

One of Melbourne’s “jewels in the crown” is Yarra’s Edge Marina and the surrounding precinct but it seems it is the poor relation when it comes to spend and events from the City of Melbourne.

Other areas get activities, but this side of the river misses out and the council gets a substantial amount of rates yet we receive little in return other than the normal maintenance.

I understand that planter boxes have been approved for the boardwalk but as yet we are to see any action in this regard.

Another real issue are the dumping of electricbikes and scooters all over the precinct, and while I think it’s a great concept, I can’t understand why the council got rid of the blue bikes that had to be returned to a home base.

Another thing that I would love the council to consider is a floating swimming pool at the end of Marina opposite Point Park. I realise extensive plans have been done for the north side of the river but to me it makes sense as it’s away from residents.

The pool should be heated by solar panels and could be used for 12 months of the year. It’s time for the council to think outside the square and provide residents with another sporting activity which is sorely needed •

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