Fresh produce fundraiser for fire victims

Fresh produce fundraiser for  fire victims

Docklands-based Fresh to Door, is planning a fundraiser next month which will result in cash and fresh produce being sent to Black Saturday fire victims.

Spokesman Ben O’Connor said the next fire season was only 12 weeks away and yet fire victims still needed our help.

Mr O’Connor said: “We at Docklands have not forgotten the plight of our rural neighbours from Black Saturd.”

“We recognise the efforts and bravery of the Country Fire Association and we recognise the needs of rural residents and what they face as warm weather approaches.”

“Docklands as a community want them all to know that we have not forgotten them, or what happened.”

“We want to show our support for these communities by raising funds for the CFA and help them to prepare for what faces them this summer.”

The Fresh to Door fundraising concept involves buying boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Mr O’Connor said his organisation was able to buy the best produce at significantly lower prices than retailers.

He said most the savings made would be passed onto to fire victims.

Look out for next month’s DCN for how to get involved in the campaign.

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