Everybody in the pool!

Everybody in the pool!

In response to the request in Docklands News for comments on this proposal, I can only say that I would be delighted if this project were to go ahead.

It ticks all the boxes in terms of providing much-needed amenities for the growing community, and an attraction to draw visitors here. There are too few swimming pools across Melbourne, and they are much sought after and appreciated by people of all ages. It provides a healthy and fun activity, and city beaches and swimming pools around the world are always a huge success. 

As a long-term resident of Docklands, I have become sceptical of anything going ahead here. We have seen many fantastic ideas come and go, getting shelved as they are too expensive and won’t generate a profit for anyone involved. Traders have been left in the lurch as, without drawcards to the area, visitors won’t come. We do feel very neglected and forgotten by the City of Melbourne, who seem to care only about income-generating projects and not at all about improving the quality of life of residents. It’s no surprise that Docklands has acquired a bad reputation for a lack of green space, and nothing to really attract visitors – it’s sad, but true. Temporary activations and festivals are a waste of money, and are only done for show, to make it appear that there is some concern and an effort being made. We need permanent installations that appeal to a broad range of people. 

Jocelyn Bradley


Docklands … do they actually care?

The waffling continues about making Docklands a go-to place.

Indeed it is a beautiful area that continues to suffer because Development Victoria, Parks Victoria, Heritage Victoria, the City of Melbourne and various organisations just put out nice stories about water taxis, swimming pools, ferry terminals, pretty paintings, vibrant bars, a maritime museum, etc., while declaring Central Pier’s removal is “ploughing ahead” and should finish in a year! 

It is an eyesore that has been idle for years that could be removed overnight in any other country. There are no plans for the actual concepts for the remaining pier to begin immediately.  

NYE was another debacle with trams barred from Harbour Esplanade and the waterway and restaurants fenced off. 

The waterfront surrounds at Marvel Stadium are a concrete wasteland. 

Few people came to see the often-cancelled drone show.

The list of weaknesses goes on.

The boats, the harbour and the bridge backdrop are beautiful, but nothing ever actually gets done to make it vibrant.

D Wood 


Trail permanently shut?

My husband and I, along with our two furry children, moved to Docklands over a year ago. Docklands is now home. We enjoy our walks and runs along the water. So, just like many other residents here we wonder why the shared paths along Moonee Ponds Creek has been closed for us to use it for walks or running.

Further to the article about it in February 2022 edition of Docklands News, we noticed recently that temporary fencing blocking the north end has been replaced by a permanent fence and gate. Looks like it’s permanently closed.

We hope to get to enjoy a walk along the creek one day soon.

Lucy Foja

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