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Latest views on immersed tube

30 Aug 2018

Latest views on immersed tube Image

The battle to convince the authorities of the benefit of an immersed tube rather than three harbour-choking bridges goes on.

At the Metropolitan Transport Forum on August 13 at the Melbourne Town Hall, Yarra’s Edge tram bridge opponent Keith Sutherland asked spokespeople from all major state political parties their thoughts on the immersed tube tunnel idea.

Transport Minister Jacinta Allan said: “As I indicated in one of my earlier answers, I am not going to tell you anything you haven’t already heard this evening.”

“I have met with you and you’ve met with my officers and transport officials a number of times. We put a million dollars in the budget this year for planning for that connection between Fishermans Bend and the CBD.”

“We know we have to get the planning around this right. This is a really important precinct right on the doorstep of the CBD and we have to get the planning for this right and that includes transport connections that have been overlooked previously.”

“In terms of the right outcome, on what that connection will looks like, we want to get the advice of our experts – the transport planners, the engineers – on how to best deliver the right outcome.”

Opposition transport spokesperson David Davis said: “I am aware of your model, and I am aware of the different ways of doing that connection.”

“We are receptive to different approaches.”

“We’re obviously going to announce where we’re going with this at the appropriate time, but we’re very aware of the issue that you have raised and we think that, at the end, there’s going to have to be a proper rail connection.”

Greens transport spokesperson Sam Hibbins said: “In terms of the tram alignment, I know that you’ve met with Ellen Sandell, the Member for Melbourne, and you’ve had discussions with her about it.”

“You’ve met to talk about the different options and there’s also an option to run along the Charles Grimes Bridge and around the back. So, certainly, all options need to be on the table.”

Additionally, Docklands News asked Lord Mayor Sally Capp on August 21 for her views. She said: “Speaking personally in this regard, in terms of the time you refer to during the campaign, I was certainly against the original location of the tram bridge and also then very keen to make sure that other options had been fully considered.”

“I have seen the proposal for the tube from one of the interested groups during the campaign along with a number of the other options that had been put to the panel and the state government and indeed the taskforce by lots of different interest groups in terms of other types of tram routes as well as the importance of heavy rail into that area in the longer term.”

“What I can say, from my knowledge, is that, as we move forward through this governance structure considering future options for Fishermans Bend, is that we’re going to have an opportunity to look at options but we do know that the state government’s preferred option is the tram bridge in the current position, which is a bit further back along the Yarra.”

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