Docklands business recognised

Long-term Docklanders Emilia Rossi and Socrates Mechanicos’ young business was recognised at the Business 3000+ Awards on May 25.

Their online wedding marketplace business, Capriess, won the New Business category.

Ms Rossi and Mr Mechanicos started Capriess at their Docklands apartment more than two years ago. They wanted to provide a platform for people to buy and sell pre-loved wedding items, such as wedding dresses, rings, accessories and decorations.

Both coming from digital backgrounds, the husband and wife quickly became business partners and built the early version of their website together based on lean resources.

Two years on, Capriess has evolved into a well-designed creative digital marketplace populated by people wanting to recycle their wedding items all around Australia.

Business 3000+ Awards recognises and celebrates independent businesses located within the City of Melbourne. The New Business category is open to businesses that have been operating for less than three years and are proving to be a success.

“It has been such a humbling experience to win an award at the Business 3000+ Awards,” Ms Rossi said.

“It can boost our business networking and it’s fantastic to leverage the networking opportunity to form strategic partnerships. We only can go up from here.”

Being a digital specialist who “lives in the online space”, Ms Rossi also runs a lifestyle blog. Mr Mechanicos works full-time as a SEO specialist at a large digital company.

“I don’t see it as much of a juggle. It’s very pleasurable to be able to run a business and not be stuck in one location,” Ms Rossi said. “I can take the business with me while I’m travelling.”

As featured in the Docklander column in the April Docklands News, Ms Rossi is passionate about the local Docklands community and takes pride in working and living here.

“Because I live locally, I have built good connections around the Docklands and CBD areas. I often go down to the cafe to work on the business and blog,” she said.

Ms Rossi also said the best features of digital-based businesses were that they could operate on very few resources and could be modified, based on data.

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