Council election result is positive for Docklands

Council election result is positive for Docklands

By Shane Scanlan and Bethany Williams

The strong return of Team Doyle in last month’s City of Melbourne election should be a positive for Docklands.

Team Doyle’s block of five (out of 11) councillors are Docklands supporters and the former councillors returned at the election have positive views of Docklands.

New councillor Stephen Mayne is also on the record as a Docklands supporter.

Docklands Chamber of Commerce president Stephen Clement said he was looking forward to working with a pro-Docklands council over the next four years.

At the election Robert Doyle and Susan Riley were re-elected lord and deputy lord mayor. Councillors Kevin Louey, Ken Ong, Jackie Watts and Cathy Oke were returned.

The new councillors are Arron Wood, Beverley Pinder-Mortimer, Richard Foster, Rohan Leppert and Stephen Mayne.

Some six Docklanders were in the election mix this year. The below-the-line vote count for Docklands’ councillor candidates was:

Michele Anderson – 20; Gerard Anderson – 47; Maree Norris – 6; Sally Hewitt – 17.

Docklands had one leadership team up for election, which comprised Keith Rankin and Grace Han. The team received 1438 votes (2.31 per cent of the votes).

The Docklands community came together last month for a “meet the candidates” night on October 16 (pictured above).

About 50 people attended the event, which was hosted by the Rotary Club of Docklands and was chaired and moderated by Docklands News’s Shane Scanlan.

The event gave the community the chance to hear from mayoral and councillor candidates from nine different tickets.

The candidates each spoke for four minutes before taking questions from the community.

Hot topics included the cancellation of the Docklands New Year’s Eve family fireworks.

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