Check your checklist this Back-to-School season

Check your checklist this Back-to-School season

By Dr Mike Edgley

Every January millions of Australian children, including some of our very own patients, go back to school. With fresh books and polished shoes, it is a very exciting time.

While our kids are busy learning their times tables, developing, and growing, it is also important for our kids to be mindful of their health and wellbeing in the classroom across the year.

While most parents and children have a checklist of stationary, books and supplies for starting the school year, we are providing our patients with a “Back-to-School Health Checklist”.

The checklist, developed as part of the Australian Chiropractors Association’s (ACA) Back-to-School campaign, is a great way to encourage kids to build healthy habits at school and at home.

They are quick and simple to follow and can be easily incorporated into your child’s everyday routine. For instance, packing a healthy lunch filled with lots of fruit and vegies, getting 60 minutes of daily physical activity, and wearing the backpack correctly by carrying it with both straps.

The health checklist also reminds kids to reduce their recreational screen time, sit correctly in the classroom and consider chiropractic care.

Kids don’t often think about the impact that common activities like sitting in a classroom, carrying a heavy school bag or even excessive screen time can have on their overall health and wellbeing – that’s where the checklist comes in handy!

Pick up your complimentary “Back-to-School” health checklist from us today, or if you are concerned about your child’s health or any other back to school related activities, book an appointment with us via

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