COVID-19 and the Chamber’s response


By Shane Wylie

What is the Docklands Chamber of Commerce (DCC) doing to help its members during this time?

We will actively support any member applications and requests for support to the City of Melbourne COVID-19 stimulus package, including administrative help, writing, liaising and advocating on their behalf.

We are working closely with the City of Melbourne to develop marketing assets so that when we are ready to go back to normal life we can all hit the ground running.

Over the coming months we will be profiling and marketing every single member and their individual response to COVID-19. We want to make sure that everyone knows you’re still operating and are aware of any changes you’ve made. If you want to hit the ground running, reply to this newsletter with what you are doing and we will get it out on all channels - social, newsletter, our websites.

We will be continuing to pressure for permanent activation of Victoria Harbour - what greater need is there than when we come out of this pandemic and we all need to launch back into business

Docklands Events

All of our chamber events are currently on hold and, with everyone adhering to the federal guidelines for the foreseeable future regarding social distancing, it’s unlikely we will see any public activities before July. Our efforts are going to be directed towards supporting our member businesses, advertising their innovative offerings and encouraging Docklands as a community to support our locals •

Docklands voters turn green and sexy

Docklands voters turn green and sexy

August 3rd, 2022 - Docklands News
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