An Owners’ Corporation Network for Docklands

An Owners’ Corporation Network for Docklands
Sean Car

Following the incorporation of the Docklands Representative Group (DRG) in 2021, the residents’ group is now looking to connect apartment buildings after receiving a City of Melbourne grant to establish a Docklands Owners’ Corporation Network.

Late last year, the council announced that it had awarded a $15,000 grant to the DRG as part of its Connected Communities Impact Grants program, which the group will put towards setting up the network.

As already seen in neighbouring Southbank, an owners’ corporation (OC) network seeks to connect apartment building management committees to one another to exchange knowledge and address issues concerned with strata living.

DRG member Dr Janette Corcoran said the group was “very pleased” with the successful grant outcome.

“As we well know, the overwhelming majority of Docklanders live in high-rise apartments but there is very little support available to the committees that are responsible for these vertical villages,” she said.

“The COVID-pandemic shone a light on the complexity of high-rise living and highlighted a widespread lack of understanding of our sector among policymakers.”  

“We will be using this grant to provide much needed support for the OC committees in Docklands – a space where they can discuss, in confidence, how to deal with the many and varied challenges they face, including how they might work together.”

According to data from the City of Melbourne, more than 80 per cent of its residential population lives in high-rise settings governed by more than 2000 OCs.

Having consulted with a “wide range of residents and stakeholders”, Dr Corcoran said there was strong support for the initiative and agreement that it would be “highly beneficial in empowering high-rise communities through building capacity within.”

“This project promotes opportunities for collegial exchange and collaborations between OC committees,” she said. “These interactions, together with targeted assistance, enables them to develop more insightful and impactful approaches to dealing with the myriad of liveability and wellbeing issues confronting high-rise residents.”

“For example, informal exchanges between some OC committees, regarding COVID public-health orders were extremely valuable, resulting in resource sharing and a more empathetic and effective approach to implementing restrictions.”

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