An interesting time for the NewQuay precinct

An interesting time for the NewQuay precinct

By Monique Wylie
Newquay Resident

I’ve personally seen a small increase in foot traffic but it’s a different feel. We appear to have a lot more intrastate visitors and to be honest – a lot more quiet and respectable visitors than what was occurring directly after COVID.

I know there’s been a lot of gossip about safety and crime in Docklands but I’ve only seen one incident in the entire last year. As a single woman I happily walk my dogs at 3am every single day of the year.


I know there is also a lot of talk about noise pollution. I moved to Docklands 20 years ago knowing that I was coming to a precinct full of restaurants, bars, events and activities.


Absolutely, some of the restaurants and bars host noisy events, but I moved here knowing that and would prefer a thriving precinct than for it to be dead and silent.

If you haven’t seen on socials and newsletters, the Melbourne Boat Show is coming to Docklands this month and will take over NewQuay Promenade. I think it’s fantastic, and I remember the Boat Show from many years ago bringing in thousands of people. It will be a marvellous way to celebrate the harbour and I hope it’s a tremendous success.

Have you seen the Blue Fairy Wren Instagram app? The City of Melbourne through their reactivation grants have funded a beautiful little Instagram app. Take a look just on the harbour side of Monument Park. There are some foil stickers on the ground and it’s so easy to use.

Focus on them with your camera and it will open up a filter to use with your Instagram account adding in a Blue Fairy Wren to your photo. The Wren is a local to Docklands and one of the most gorgeous birds you could ever see.

Another initiative I have loved recently is the addition of the QR codes to report graffiti around Docklands. I personally reported two instances and once recorded was kept in the loop of their completion which was within two days.

Finally, I’d love to give a shout out to the O’Marche IGA on Rakaia Way. Cost of living pressures are affecting everyone right now and I’ve now taken to doing a much heavier shop at my local IGA. In some cases, their prices are 40 per cent less than our big competitors.

It’s a beautiful family business and we locals appreciate your efforts! •

Waterways team to the rescue

Waterways team to the rescue

November 29th, 2023 - Docklands News
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