Together, we’re creating a better future for Docklands

Together, we’re creating a better future for Docklands

A year has swiftly passed since we gathered at the pivotal Docklands Summit, a yarn that sparked a commitment across our community to breathe new life into the heart of Melbourne’s water gateway.

As we stand on the brink of the Docklands Stakeholder Group’s third meeting, it’s an opportunity to reflect on the journey we’ve embarked upon together.

Straight after the Summit, our focus was razor-sharp – we rolled up our sleeves and got on with delivering some short-term objectives.

Green initiatives sprang up, transforming empty spaces into communal and green areas including the Yanonung Quay pocket park, additional greening under the palms at the corner of Harbour Esplanade and NewQuay Promenade, and the installation of 10 planter boxes along Harbour Esplanade.

These pockets of greening have not only beautified our surroundings but also reinforced our environmental stewardship and sense of shared responsibility. In addition to these early beautification steps, a review of cleaning and maintenance contracts is under way to ensure local services are delivered optimally for Docklands. This has resulted in proactive action that will form part of everyday practice going forward.

A cornerstone achievement has been the establishment of the Docklands Stakeholder Group. Comprised of residents, business owners and council representatives, this group is about ensuring that inclusivity is not merely rhetoric but a guiding principle of the transformation we are embarking on.

As they gear up for their third meeting, the group’s dedication is unwavering, with three critical areas of action identified – making Docklands a safer neighbourhood, positioning Docklands as a distinct water precinct, and supporting greater community connection.

Continuing the wave of revitalisation, the City of Melbourne has unwaveringly prioritised Docklands among other areas that need additional TLC in its city activations. A testament to this was the exhilarating Now or Never festival in August. The streets pulsed with larger-than-life artistic expression, food, and the buzz of community, highlighting our waterways and our community.


But, let’s pause and acknowledge a fundamental truth in our journey – this is a marathon, not a sprint.


Our accomplishments, though worth celebrating, signify the beginning of an enduring commitment. The medium- and long-term visions conceived at the Summit are gradually coming together. Collaboration and steady momentum fuel our progress, ensuring that each step we take is resilient, sustainable, and most importantly, community led.

This comprehensive approach is intrinsic to the framework set by the summit and the multi-agency partnership, ensuring Docklands doesn’t just evolve for the present but thrives for future generations. It is this forward-thinking mindset that will guide Docklands from recovery to prosperity.

What does this mean for you, the heart and soul of Docklands?

It means your voice, energy, and ideas are indispensable. This transformation transcends physical refurbishments – it’s about fostering a communal spirit that underpins our actions. Your involvement is the lifeblood that drives change, ensuring we don’t just build for our community – we build with our community.

As we move forward, we carry the lessons of unity from our initial Summit. We’ve seen firsthand the power of collective action. It’s the conversations over coffee about urban greenery, the brainstorming at community centres, and the hands-on-action from members of our community that keep us moving forward.

The path ahead is woven with challenges, but it also brims with opportunity. With continued collaboration, there’s no precipice too steep for us to scale. Docklands, the once-overlooked gem, is steadily securing its place as a beacon of cultural vibrancy, innovation, and communal solidarity.

And so, we stride forward with renewed purpose, ready to embrace each challenge with the same spirit of unity that has brought us this far. For, in this grand marathon, every step counts, every voice matters, and every victory, however small, belongs to us all. So, join us in making sure each step matters.

To find out more about the Docklands Stakeholder Group and actions from the Summit, join the conversations on the Docklands Neighbourhood Portal. •

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