This is the future

Lord mayor Sally Capp introduced 20 new local leaders at the June 27 Docklands Community Forum (DCF).

The new Docklands Representative Group (DRG) was selected by the City of Melbourne from 40 nominations to drive the DCF into the future.

The forum was established in 2012 and continues to meet every two months. DRG members were honoured by Cr Capp and were presented with certificates of appreciation.

Cr Capp said: “These people have provided incredible energy, leadership and initiative over the years.”

Retiring were Joh Maxwell, Janine Standfield, Keith Rankin, David Wong and Andrew Ward. Mark Scholem and Phil Spender renominated, and were selected for the new 20-member DRG.

Other new members are:  Aditee Rawal, Ahmed Masri, Alixx Ackland, Ben Ball, Campbell Daff, Carolynne Venn, Dan Knaggs, Daniel Lim, Deepika Jaduram, Filipe Paiva, Jacqueline Graham, Janette Corcoran, Jason Ting, Jaynaya Winmar, Kebrasca King, Kelly Mercer, Sarah Kumar and Tessa Fisher.

Cr Capp remarked that the new DRG reflected the diversity of the Docklands community. She also said creating community in Docklands had been challenging.

“We can look back with pride and there is still lots to look forward to,” Cr Capp said.

The Docklands Community Forum meets every two months (generally at Library at the Dock). Look out for details of the next meeting in the August Docklands News.