Think Pink looks to reopening its doors

Think Pink looks to reopening its doors

By Ellen Blake

The Think Pink Foundation’s Living Centre is gradually transitioning back to face-to-face operations following almost 18 months online.

Located at Yarra’s Edge, Think Pink provides support to individuals and families affected by breast cancer.

Think Pink Living Centre manager and breast care nurse Andrea Cannon said the foundation had started reopening before last month’s snap lockdown halted those plans.

Despite the interruption, Ms Cannon said the foundation had learnt a lot through the COVID-19 shutdown.

Think Pink shifted its free support, exercise and wellness programs online.

Art therapy, yoga, reflexology, tai chi, pilates and discussion groups, such as the Think Pink Sisters and the Supporting Blokes program, have been available throughout the lockdown via Zoom.

Ms Cannon said participation in classes had “increased a great deal” when classes became available online.

Class attendance rose by 300 per cent through the lockdown period.

“It allowed people who were ill and immunosuppressed to access our services, as well as allowing people to live in rural areas,” she told Docklands News.

“We reconnected with a lot of clients who we worked with in the past who due to COVID had no access to breast cancer nurses.”

Following the success of its online programs, Ms Cannon said Think Pink would provide its services in a “hybrid model”.

“We want to welcome people back to our beautiful Living Centre,” she said.

Think Pink former chairman Ron Smith recently stepped down from the position. No announcement has been made on his replacement.

The Think Pink Living Centre was established at Forge in Yarra’s Edge in 2019 with the support of developer Mirvac •

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