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By Keith Sutherland - Yarra's Edge resident

Life is slowly returning to the Yarra’s Edge precinct.

Firstly, the Mirvac 43-storey Voyager complex is being completed and residents have started moving in, with 82 per cent of the building already sold.

The foyer and adjoining garden area look impressive and it all adds to the liveability of this sought after and progressive neighbourhood.

Mirvac is planning to launch its Tower 9 development in mid-2022, which shows the confidence it has in Yarra’s Edge. The 45-storey complex will contain 191 units with a mix of one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments and will rise to a height of 158 metres to make it the highest in the precinct and visible from the Treasury buildings.

The residents-only rooftop space will have amazing amenities including wellness centre, lounge and pool just to name a few things. Sadly for some residents of other buildings who face west towards the Bolte Bridge, their views will be somewhat impeded.


There has been so much happening in the area with tabletops being replaced at Point Park barbecue area and, of course, it’s great that the kids’ playground has opened up with lifting of some COVID restrictions.


Something that I have been banging on about for a while has finally been installed –  the increased plastic flooring along the boardwalk. But I’m not sure if it’s finished? What I had been calling for is two separate zones – one for walkers and the other for bike and scooters – so as to avoid confusion and near accidents.

We’re still waiting on the City of Melbourne to fix the low points of path along Yarra River, as it doesn’t take much rain to form large ponds and create a problem for people with prams, etc.

I keep getting told it’s on the council’s program list, but enough time has elapsed so urgent attention is required. Also, the council said it would replace dangerous gravel along the front of Point Park which blows over footpaths and becomes quite unsightly and slippery.

The City of Melbourne has partnered with Melbourne Water to update flood modelling for a number of areas in the municipality.

It appears that “LS103” referred to in their map affects the land by riverine flooding and drainage flooding in the Docklands area, and the council is calling for submissions by November 29. It would be good if a representative could meet with residents of both Docklands and Yarra’s Edge and maybe meet at the Dock now that lockdown restrictions are over. This is obviously an issue that is going to affect many areas due to climate change and more intense development.

While talking about the council, I’ve raised the suggestion that once we are out of lockdown it provide some sort of event at Point Park, whether it be live music with food vans, etc., or something else to bring the residents back out to utilise this fantastic space. Most nights from around 5pm it becomes a dog park and quite a social event for residents. Council do a great job mowing the lawns at the park and maintaining the area, but sometimes we are the poor relations when it comes to events.

With the lockdown over, it’s good to see people out and about and supporting those businesses that struggled so much during the past 18 months. Also, it’s great to see the constant work being done at the marina as much debris comes down the river after rainfalls.

Let’s hope the government considers the marina when making its decisions about the proposed tram bridge and freight bridge as this location is one of the jewels in the crown and is becoming one of Melbourne’s key tourist destinations. I’m quite sure that from the Webb Bridge it would have to be one of Melbourne’s most photographed areas.

I’m looking forward to seeing increased activity on the river. Sadly, we won’t see the large water taxis taking patrons to the Spring Racing Carnival, but it’s great seeing the rowers back after a long break.

What we have with the waterways of the Docklands area is something really special and we need to take advantage of that attraction. I can’t wait to see the party boats back like Lady Cutler, as Melbourne comes back to regain its status as the world’s most liveable city •

Waterways team to the rescue

Waterways team to the rescue

November 29th, 2023 - Docklands News
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