Thank you, Shane

By Sean Car

Retiring owner and editor of Docklands News Shane Scanlan was given a fitting farewell by our community in his beloved Docklands on June 19, marking the end of a magnificent career serving our suburb and our city.

Held at local restaurant Berth with a typically stunning Docklands night time backdrop, more than 100 people, each who have contributed to the success of our local newspapers, turned out to say thanks to Melbourne’s “mini-media mogul”.

Having first met Shane as a 21-year-old intern in 2012, there is no way I could have ever anticipated the impact he would have on my career and my life. Seven years later, I was humbled to be in a position to present him to the community he loves one final time, as he said thanks and so long in typical “Shane fashion.”

An honest, heartfelt and humorous final address was topped off when I was called back on stage for a surprise gift, which he presented to me in a box. Opening it in front of curious onlookers, out came his trademark Akubra, which I placed on my head feeling an overwhelming level of gratitude towards its predecessor.

While I still feel as though I am “growing” into it and, alas, am unlikely to be donning it around town too often, I will forever cherish the gesture and appreciate the responsibility that comes with wearing this particular hat.

As the new owner of Hyperlocal News, which is responsible for publishing Docklands News, Southbank Local News and CBD News, I look forward to leading these wonderful community assets into a new generation.

Having learned from the very best for the past five years as editor of Southbank Local News, I have come to appreciate everything that makes these newspapers so special. From our advertisers and readers to our staff and contributors, thank you for making it all possible.

And of course, for everything, thank you, Shane.

Congratulations to 300 cladding winners!

Congratulations to 300 cladding winners!

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