Stepping in for Docklands

Stepping in for Docklands

By Monique Wylie
NewQuay resident since 2002

Well, my brother is out of action for a while so I’m ghost writing for him.

Some of you may know me as Monique, others might know me as the crazy dog lady! You might know my sheepdogs, or potentially my old girl Gidget (black chow chow) who passed last year. I can always be found walking NewQuay Promenade and I’ve been a resident of Docklands for 20 years now. I’m also Shane’s sister.

I’ve seen a fair bit of social media clutter and gossip that Docklands is descending into an area of crime, gangs, drugs and violence. I’ve lived here for 20 years, and I’ve always felt safe.

There was a period just after COVID lockdowns ceased that saw an influx of people to the precinct. Interactions were a little different for a few weeks but as a single woman I still go out every single night to walk my dogs – at any time of the night – and I haven’t witnessed any of this.

It’s actually starting to annoy me when I see this gossip so regularly repeated. I know Shane feels the same and until someone can show me some empirical evidence that there is more crime in Docklands than in any other suburb, I’m not going to alter my actions or thoughts.

By the time this is printed we will have seen Firelight come and go.

It’s a hard time for Docklands right now. The corporates aren’t returning to the office so splashes like this are important but not the long-term answer.


Each day I look out into the harbour and see a pier basically degenerating before my eyes.


I don’t have the same relationship with the governing bodies my brother does so I can speak a little more forthrightly – bloody do something!

Any other city around the world would have removed it and put out an expression of interest for the next idea. Development Victoria, City of Melbourne and Heritage Victoria: get your act together.

The residents’ version of Docklands Dollars has just closed. I’d like to thank Lendlease, Mirvac, MAB and The District Docklands for their investment. Obviously, I’m proud of my brother and his administration of it but it would not have been possible without four stakeholders coming to the table.

Great work and I hope it’s not the last time we see such collaboration.  •

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May 29th, 2024 - Docklands News
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