Serco continues open space management in Melbourne

Serco continues open space management in Melbourne
Sean Car

Maintenance services provider Serco, which in many ways is an unsung hero when it comes to keeping our city’s natural assets looking beautiful, has extended its partnership with the City of Melbourne.

For almost 30 years, Serco has partnered with the council to deliver services that keep the city’s public areas, including here in Docklands, looking great.

From the well-known sports grounds and playgrounds to the vast grasslands of Royal Park, Serco’s dedicated team is devoted to conserving and safeguarding Melbourne’s vibrant public spaces.

With a commitment to excellence spanning more than three decades, Serco’s Australian journey began in 1989, delivering top-tier facility management services on behalf of the Western Australian Government.

Today, Serco has grown to cover all states and territories, employing more than 11,000 individuals nationwide across diverse industry sectors.

“By bringing together the right people, the right technology, and the right partners”, Serco says it creates innovative solutions for governments that make positive impact and address some of society’s most urgent and complex challenges.   

Under the leadership of CEO Andrew Head, Serco has emerged as a significant player across the facilities management sector, and Mr Head said the company was thrilled to secure a new contract with the City of Melbourne for a further five years. 

“The renewal of this contract underscores Serco’s dedication not only to the people of Melbourne but also to preserving a thriving ecosystem in the bustling urban landscape,” Mr Head said.

“With a rich history dating back to 1995, Serco has been entrusted with overseeing a significant portion of the city’s open spaces, which includes maintaining over two million square metres of grasslands, golf courses, sports grounds, and median strips.”

“Through this contract, we play a key role in supporting a healthy ecosystem across the busy urban environment. We look forward to continuing our partnerships with City of Melbourne to identify opportunities to increase sustainability practices and protect the environment.”

“I am proud to continue Serco’s legacy as a trusted partner of governments and the communities we serve and carrying forward our commitment to excellent service in the years to come.” •

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