Sales up,  stress down

Sales up,  stress down
Rhonda Dredge

Two office dogs are enticing customers into the Bourke St showroom of City Residential

Benji, a groodle, and Corby a “two-minute” moodle, are good mates. 

They might play up at lunchtime, but they can strike a professional pose when required.

Public servants, working out of the former NAB building, look through the window as they pass.

Are the dogs in for the day? If one works from home, this is newsworthy on Bourke St.

“When Benji’s not here, Corby frets,” leasing manager Lina said. 

Sales are booming at the agency with the last three apartments selling in less than a week.

It could be the calming influence of these pets in a profession that gets “10/10 for being stressful”. 

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