Preps celebrate 100 days of school in lockdown

Preps celebrate 100 days of school in lockdown

By Brendan Rees

Despite classes going digital, preps at Docklands Primary School did not let a significant milestone go uncelebrated last month. 

The school’s 110 preps and teachers marked the first 100 days of learning by hosting a virtual party which included parading in costumes during remote classes.

Prep teacher Bethany Tonkin said the “whole day was based around the number 100” to mark the momentous occasion.

“We did a range of activities during the day; they were so delighted,” she said.

“They’ve been looking forward to it for a long time, we’ve been counting since day one.”

“It’s really their only chance to see some of their friends. It’s a hard time for them but that is really special.”

Ms Tonkin said creative activities included preps transforming themselves into 100-year-olds, doing 100 exercises, and collecting 100 things around their homes and taking photos.

While the day was fun, she said it was also a learning opportunity with preps able to “reflect on something that they’d learnt that they didn’t know 100 days ago”, as well as reading and writing 100 words.

Ms Tonkin thanked the “wonderful” parents saying the day would not have been possible without their support as they balanced working from home and assisting their children’s learning during lockdowns.

In another celebration, the school hosted a hive of activities during Book Week in August which helped preps stay engaged while learning from home.

Using the theme “Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds”, Ms Tonkin said preps dressed up as their favourite book character and “thought about all the worlds and places that books can take you”.

Meanwhile, the school was excited to receive a surprise letter from Deputy Premier and Education Minister James Merlino who congratulated Docklands Primary School after a photo of students was published on the cover of this year’s Victorian Budget papers.

“In my almost 20 years in the parliament, this is by far the best cover photo,” Mr Merlino said in his handwritten letter.

“And importantly, it’s reflective of the Victoria we want to see and the education system we want to build – happy, engaged students in an excellent, supportive, and caring school.”

Principal Adam Bright was thrilled to share the letter on the school’s Facebook page, saying despite the challenging times amid continuous lockdowns, “our students have shown resilience, curiosity and a great love of learning”.

“Staff and families have worked together to provide the Docklands students with a great education and all the support they need during this difficult time,” he said.

Docklands Primary School is currently accepting enrolments for all students from Prep to Grade Six for 2022 •

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