Police share frustration as pet left in car in Docklands

Police share frustration as pet left in car in Docklands
Kaylah Joelle Baker

Victoria Police has issued a statement on Facebook stressing the importance of not leaving pets and kids in cars on hot days, following an incident earlier this year in Docklands.

Posted on January 6, the statement read, “We can’t believe we have to keep reminding people, but here we are again. STOP. LEAVING. PETS. AND. KIDS. IN. CARS. ON. HOT. DAYS.”

According to Victoria Police, members from the Melbourne Bicycle Unit were out patrolling during the first week of January when they were called to a Docklands shopping complex to assist a dog locked inside a parked car.

“Riding up to the distressing scene, the dog was thrilled with their arrival. However, police were unable to locate the owner of the car,” the statement read.

“After speaking with security staff, it came to light [that] the dog had been in the car for two hours with no water or food.”

“Multiple attempts and announcements for the owner to return were made with no contact, leaving the officers with no choice.”

Unable to locate the owner, the police, alongside the South Melbourne Fire Brigade, made the rescue. The owner was later slammed with a $462 fine.

Speaking on the seriousness of the incident, Docklands resident and co-founder of PetWell Ayda Hornak said education was key to helping dog owners understand the consequences of such actions.

“This is a serious issue because people have very little understanding around the definition of hot. For example, if the outside temperature is only 21, after 10 minutes, the car temperature reaches 32, then 40 after 30 minutes,” she said.

“On a day of 32, your dog is suffering in 43-degree heat in just 10 minutes, enough to kill them or create serious damage.”

While some owners opt for cracking a window open to help combat the heat, Ms Hornak said this action was also dangerous.

“Dogs can still become overheated and die even with the windows open,” she said.

“They are especially vulnerable to overheating because they pant to stay cool, which raises the temperature inside of a car. In addition, it causes a great deal of stress to the dog, and there is also risk of seizures.”

As summer continues, people are urged to think twice about the consequences and results of what could occur if not careful with their little ones.

A series of free local pet education workshops will see vet nurse Aurora Nicoles give a presentation on pet joint health at RES by Mirvac (62 River Esplanade, Docklands) at 2pm on February 4.

PetWell has team up with RES by Mirvac in running community-based pet education sessions to share valuable tips around responsible pet ownership, pet care, behavioural training, health and nutrition tips for pets, as well as offering tips around myotherapy for pets and more. •

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Image: Victoria Police.

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