More needs to be done to keep Docklands Primary students safe

More needs to be done to keep Docklands Primary students safe
Ellen Sandell

I’ve been working hard alongside parents and the local community for over a year now to raise awareness about road safety issues around Docklands Primary School.

We’ve made some progress. Thanks to our advocacy, the Victorian Government committed $900,000 towards improving road safety around the school.

Some minor upgrades have been made, such as installing electronic 40km/hr speed signs around the school and a fence to separate the footpath from Footscray Rd.

However, these roads are still really unsafe and dangerous. There have been too many close calls, with students and their families dodging cars and crossing unsafe intersections.

A lot more needs to be done.


As a mum of three young kids, I know just how important pedestrian and school safety is. It breaks my heart to hear from local Docklands parents who still have concerns about the safety of their kids (and themselves) getting to school.


I’m again joining with the school and parents to call on the state government to urgently address safety concerns and develop a comprehensive traffic management plan for the area. We need bigger structural changes to the Footscray Rd and Docklands Drive intersection, to ensure safer crossings for pedestrians and cyclists; better traffic management for cars; and a separation of cyclists and pedestrians on the shared footpath outside the school.

More funding is required to fix these problems, to protect school children and pedestrians from accidents with cyclists and cars. This is especially important as cycling becomes increasingly popular as people choose to avoid traffic and reduce their carbon emissions.
You can help us push the government to fix unsafe roads near Docklands Primary School by signing and sharing this petition:

If there are other local issues impacting the Docklands community, I’d love to hear about them. As your local MP, it’s my job and my pleasure to advocate in Parliament for the things that matter to you. So, if there’s anything I can help with, please get in touch at [email protected]. •


Caption: Ellen Sandell MP standing at the busy intersection that is an important crossing for Docklands Primary School students and parents getting to and from the school.

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