Meow about that: a collaboration for friends of four legs and two

Meow about that: a collaboration for friends of four legs and two
Jack Hayes

It’s not the collaboration Docklanders knew they wanted, but it certainly is one they are going to need.

In a joining of two fantastic local brands, Victoria Harbour Pharmacy will now stock PetWell healthy treats and supplements for cats and dogs.

These locally owned Docklands businesses have joined forces to provide top-notch nutrition for the loved pets of the community, cat-ering to a large population of devoted pet owners who prioritise the wellbeing of their four-legged friends.

Fiona Barry, retail manager of Victoria Harbour Pharmacy, understands the significance of proper pet nutrition.

“As a dog owner myself, I understand the importance of good nutrition for pets, and our customers recognise the goodness in the PetWell products and the value they bring to our pets’ health,” she said.


They have been incredibly popular with our customers. And we love the idea of supporting local businesses like PetWell.


The partnership between Victoria Harbour Pharmacy and PetWell is not just a business transaction but a testament to the tight-knit community spirit that thrives in Docklands.

With a substantial number of pet owners in the area who prioritise their pets’ health and wellness, the introduction of PetWell’s high-quality products aligns perfectly with the community’s values.

Co-owner of PetWell and Docklands resident, Ayda Hornak, expressed their excitement about this new avenue, saying, “We are really surprised to see the uptake of PetWell products in the pharmacy; this is a channel we are looking to expand.”

“Traditionally, products like ours are primarily available in specialty pet stores. However, pharmacies are a natural choice due to the wellness aspect that PetWell products offer,” Ayda said.

PetWell’s range of health treats and supplements for cats and dogs is crafted with utmost care and is known for its exceptional quality and effectiveness.

By partnering with Victoria Harbour Pharmacy, PetWell aims to provide easy access to these products, ensuring that the beloved pets of the Docklands receive the best care and nutrition available. •

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Waterways team to the rescue

Waterways team to the rescue

November 29th, 2023 - Docklands News
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