Liam Neeson welcomed to Docklands Studios

Liam Neeson welcomed to Docklands Studios
Sean Car

Hollywood icon Liam Neeson, international superstar Fang Bingbing, and the blockbuster production of Ice Road 2: Road to the Sky have officially been welcomed to Docklands Studios Melbourne.

VicScreen CEO Caroline Pitcher greeted Mr Neeson and the rest of the cast and crew on February 24.

Ice Road 2: Road to the Sky is an adrenaline-packed feature film, which follows Liam Neeson’s character, Mike McCann, on a dramatic adventure through Nepal’s perilous mountain tops.

The epic production is currently shooting action scenes at Melbourne’s state-of-the-art virtual production stages headed by NantStudios. This technology is set to be a staple of the screen industry’s future, with Ice Road 2: Road to the Sky filming scenes set in Nepal right here at Docklands Studios Melbourne.

Liam Neeson, Fan Bingbing and Australian cast members, Bernard Curry (Wentworth, Savage River), Geoff Morell (Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Harrow) and Grace O'Sullivan (Erinsborough High, Neighbours), took time to show Caroline Pitcher and Docklands Studios’ chair, Louisa Coppel, the set while producers Al Corley and Bart Rosenblatt, spoke to their brilliant experience so far, filming across regional Victoria.

Contributing to both Victoria’s screen industry and the local economy, the production is injecting more than $30 million into the state and creating nearly 600 employment opportunities, for screen practitioners and extras, with 15 locals taking on Head of Department roles.

Ice Road 2: Road to the Sky is being directed by award-winning writer and director Johnathon Henleigh, who is behind a slate of blockbusters including Jumanji, Armageddon and Die Hard with a Vengeance.


Caption: (L to R) actors Grace O’Sullivan, Saksham Sharma, Bernard Curry, Liam Neeson, VicScreen CEO Caroline Pitcher, producer Al Corley, actor Fan Bingbing, Docklands Studios Melbourne chair Louisa Coppel, Producer Bart Rosenblatt (Photo: Daniel Mahon). 

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