Liam Neeson comes to Docklands

Liam Neeson comes to Docklands
Sean Car

Victoria's flourishing screen industry is in for a significant uplift as Hollywood heavyweight Liam Neeson returns to the state for his latest project, Ice Road 2: Road to the Sky, part of which will be filmed right here at Docklands Studios.

Victoria’s Acting Minister for Creative Industries Natalie Hutchins revealed that the picturesque Gippsland town of Walhalla would provide the backdrop for some of the movie's high-octane action scenes.

The production will also utilise Melbourne's state-of-the-art volume screens and technology at NantStudios @ Docklands Studios Melbourne.

“Victoria is a sought-after destination for international productions because of our phenomenal locations, state-of-the-art screen infrastructure and renowned local talent and crew,” Minister Hutchins said.

Ice Road 2 is part of a strong pipeline of local and international productions that will power our screen industry this year, creating jobs, boosting local businesses and showcasing Victoria to the world.”

Ice Road 2: Road to the Sky serves as the thrilling sequel to the 2021 movie The Ice Road, featuring Liam Neeson’s character, Mike McCann, navigating the perilous mountains of Nepal.

The production is anticipated to generate nearly 600 local jobs for screen industry workers and extras, injecting more than $30 million into the state economy. This boost will not only create employment opportunities but also draw global visitors to Melbourne.

Liam Neeson previously contributed significantly to Victoria's film industry, with more than 700 jobs created during the filming of the conspiracy thriller Blacklight in 2020. The economic impact of that project exceeded $23 million.

Joining Neeson in the cast for Ice Road 2 are Australian actors Bernard Curry, Geoff Morrell, and Grace O'Sullivan.

Jonathan Hensleigh, the original writer and director of The Ice Road, known for his work on blockbuster films like Die Hard with a Vengeance, Armageddon, and Jumanji, is back on board for the sequel. Ice Road 2: Road to the Sky is a Code Entertainment/Shivhans/EMA production.

This production adds to a lineup of major projects filming in Victoria, including the Netflix series Apple Cider Vinegar and The Survivors, as well as Werner Film Production’s The Newsreader returning for its third season.

Ice Road 2: Road to the Sky was drawn to Victoria through the federal government’s Location Incentive and the state government’s Victorian Screen Incentive and Regional Location Assistance Fund.

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