“Here goes Sam again”.

“Here goes Sam again”.

I was watching Channel 7 this evening and a news grab came up that Sam Newman had another run-in with a young skateboarder.

In media talk, it was probably, “here goes Sam again”.

Well, Sam is in the right. He was protecting his property, and had the guts to get involved.

These young skateboarders are a nuisance and they damage owners’ properties.

I live in The Conder building and 18 months ago we finished a $450,000 repaint of our building, which included concrete entrance ramps. Well two weeks after completion I encountered a young knucklehead scraping his skateboard along our new paint work.

Skateboarders also thought they had died and gone to heaven when MAB installed new concrete artworks along the promenade, and they spent months scraping down these slopes on their boards, until the council installed stones and plants to thwart their enthusiasm.

People do not realise that the owners contribute to the upkeep of our building exteriors and we are proud of our precinct 

These young people, just don’t think and just see a building features as a chance to try a trick they don’t know how to do anyway, so they damage our buildings, and the image of Docklands.

So well done Sam, and my advice to the skateboarders go home and skate in your own backyard.

Geoff Cope.

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