Implement these automation tools today and boost your business efficiency

Implement these automation tools today and boost your business efficiency

The past year has brought a great deal of change to the way in which we conduct business. A large degree of this can be attributed to the rise of automation and artificial intelligence.

These technologies are no longer reserved for large corporations or tech companies, they have become accessible to businesses of all sizes and industries.

You may think that your business is not applicable to these technologies or that they are too complex to implement, but I’m here to tell you that is not the case. Automation is there to give your business a helping hand in many aspects, from streamlining processes to enhancing your customer experience.

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz around ChatGPT, but have you given it a try yet? This tool is like having a personal assistant that can generate ideas, answer questions, and provide human-sounding results at your service.

The days of staring at a blank page and waiting for that lightbulb moment are over!
ChatGPT will work better for you if you provide a more specific prompt. For example, if you want to draft an email to promote your new product, provide the bot with the details …

What business are you in? What tone of voice would you like the content in? How long should the content be? You can even ask ChatGPT to use dot points, headings, emojis and more in the output.


ChatGPT is the best way to automate idea generation for content creation, draft content to suit your needs and save you hours of time searching the web for the answer to your question. You can even install the chrome extension, Enhanced ChatGPT, to enable web search when answering your prompts.


We could go on all day about more ways you can use ChatGPT to maximise your efficiency, but the key takeaways are that it allows you to generate ideas almost at the click of a button and in a format that is simple to understand, which you can easily work alongside when conducting your daily activities.

Another favourite AI tool that has transformed our operational efficiency is Waalaxy. This tool will save you considerable time in your outreach strategy with its ability to automate personalised messages, invitations, follow-ups and more to any list of prospects. With 80 per cent of B2B leads generated on social media coming from LinkedIn, having an automated leads strategy in place is a no-brainer.

Waalaxy allows you to import contacts from either LinkedIn or a file and provides you with the ability to set up message flows for each segment of your prospects.
There is a wealth of other tools out there to help get you started on your automation journey – these are just some of our favourites.

By implementing these tools in your business, you can improve your teams’ efficiency and productivity, improve customer experience, and improve customer churn through more regular, targeted, and personalised contact. 

At Mo Works we aim to optimise human hours with AI, so you can work smarter and more efficiently. Get in touch to keep making moves and taking bold steps towards your business growth. •

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