“I always make a mistake”

“I always make a mistake”
Rhonda Dredge

A storyboard is the quickest and simplest way to work through complex ideas even for children.

Youri Choi is a graphic designer trained in Korea and Australia beginning her career.

“Even as an adult you can think back to a good story,” she said.

The main characters in her first storyboards are weak, poor and second-rate citizens.

Liam the fox has no dad and no confidence. When his mum tells him to do the shopping, he feels stronger in his dinosaur coat.

Tommie the orphan alley cat lives off scraps provided by strangers but must learn to fend for himself.

“We are living on the bright side,” Youri says about our lives, but in these children’s stories “I want to focus on the other side”.

Children’s illustration journey is Youri’s first exhibition and she’s reaching out to kids in the area to visit Library at the Dock. 

She has cards, stickers and cute little giveaways, depicting her characters plus dioramas of her fictional worlds.

Liam is in his coat on one of the stickers proclaiming how much he loves the rain.

Youri wants children to join her on this journey and she will be present on Sunday, June 4 from 12pm to 4pm.

Find out what happens to Tommie when he finds an old fridge down a lane.

Does he store his titbits in it or find a cache of goodies?

No, this character that is still sketched in pencil and hasn’t yet made it onto the laptop is tricked by a fish magnet.

A projection onto the wall shows how the illustrations are coloured in on Photoshop.

The exhibition should appeal to pre-schoolers developing their confidence and just starting out in their story-telling careers.

“I am Liam,” the fox says on the first page of his picture book, “I always make a mistake.”

Children’s Illustrative Journey by Youri Choi, Library at the Dock Gallery, until June 8. Meet the artist on Sunday, June 4 from 12pm to 4pm •

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