Caring for your clothes

By Laura Timberlake

Maintaining a wardrobe can be hard work.

What do you do when a favourite jumper gets too pilled, or the ironing pile has reached the ceiling? There are simple ways to clear the clutter and care for your clothing.

The first step is to evaluate your wardrobe. Do you really need 15 old t-shirts that have been relegated to the “painting clothes” draw? That’s not to say that recycling isn’t a good thing. For example, an old linen shirt makes an excellent window and mirror buffer.

But maximising the space in your closet allows the clothes you do wear to breathe properly. Rule of thumb: if it hasn’t been worn for six months to a year, donate or sell it!

Many people find that rotating their clothes by season creates a streamlined wardrobe (this means storing your summer clothes in another spot during the winter months and vice versa). It also makes it easier to quickly pick an outfit.

There are some common mistakes made when storing clothes. For example, don’t hang knits. It causes them to lose their shape. Also, those wire hangers from the dry cleaners are a no-no. Invest in good quality hangers that will help your garments stay in pristine shape.

Caring for the clothing itself is another matter. There are two items I can’t live without: a clothes steamer and a fabric shaver (or fabric pill remover).  I tend to wear my favourite knits over and over and, in time, they start to get pilled – this refers to those little balls that appear on knitwear items after they’ve been through the washing machine.

An electric fabric pill remover shaves those right off for you! Lint rollers are also handy little devices to own. (They are especially helpful in removing cat/dog hair before leaving the house.)

The second necessity is a clothes steamer. This is a marvellous invention for everyone who hates ironing and has the space for one. A steamer can cut dry cleaning costs and help keep your clothes wrinkle-free.

Other simple items to consider include a basic sewing kit and baby wipes. We can’t always rely on mum to sew on buttons and baby wipes are a great way to do simple spot cleans.

Congratulations to 300 cladding winners!

Congratulations to 300 cladding winners!

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