Drunk, unlicenced, and speeding driver caught in school zone

Brendan Rees

An allegedly drink driver who ignored children’s safety by speeding in a Docklands school zone has been charged with a string of offences.

The 21-year-old woman’s Mercedes sedan was pulled over by police after she was caught travelling at 61km/h in a 40km/h zone on the corner of Footscray Rd and Little Docklands Drive, near Docklands Primary School, at around 9.15am on May 12.

Police allege the Werribee woman returned a positive preliminary breath test of .236 and refused an evidentiary breath test.

It is also alleged that the driver was a disqualified learner driver and had breached a court order.

Police arrested and charged the woman with multiple driving offences and she was remanded to appear at court at a later date. Her car was also impounded and towed away.

Police have been running a highly visible safety campaign in the neighbourhood in response to safety concerns from the community, with officers targeting driving offences in the school zone along Footscray Rd.

Melbourne West Police became aware of the issue as part of the newly-launched Neighbourhood Policing Initiative, which allows police to get back-to-basics by listening to the community.

The Docklands Primary School community had informed police of drivers not complying with the 40km/h zone outside of the school, putting students, parents and staff at risk.

Since early May officers have identified 24 speeding offences, which included at least three drivers travelling at speed of more than 29km/h above the posted school zone speed limit.

Melbourne West First Constable Mitch Hoare thanked the community for raising safety issue to their attention which “should provide assurance that we are listening, will continue to listen and take the necessary action.”

“Anyone selfish enough to risk the lives of not only other road users, but children on their way to school by driving in such a dangerous manner can expect to be caught swiftly by police,” he said.

As part of Neighbourhood Policing model, police are engaging with the local community to strengthen relationships, share intelligence and find out what issues people care about the most. •

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