Docklands’ smartest prima donna

Docklands’ smartest prima donna

Mandu, a delightful 16-month-old pup, has been by her owner Juju’s side for nearly a year.

While she may not be the most talkative canine, Juju believes that Mandu possesses a desire to communicate, but has been trained not to bark. As a result, Mandu has transformed into an affectionate “couch dog”.

Mandu’s personality shines through in various ways. She exudes a friendly and social demeanor, eagerly greeting most people she encounters.

Her gentle and welcoming nature makes her a favorite among friends and acquaintances.

Her playful nature extends to her interactions with other dogs. While she enjoys engaging with larger canine companions, Juju has noticed that some playmates in the neighborhood may not have received the same level of training and discipline.

As a result, Mandu has become more cautious in selecting her playmates, ensuring that she engages with well-behaved dogs to avoid any untoward incidents.

Unlike some dogs who have insatiable appetites, Mandu’s primary focus lies in seeking attention rather than food. Sometimes, she will delay her dinner until she receives the confirmation and attention she desires.

According to Juju, “she cares more about attention than food”.

Juju added that Mandu’s ability to retain what she had learned was remarkable. She finds that formal training sessions are no longer necessary as Mandu consistently exhibits well-behaved and obedient behavior.

“Obviously she is very smart,” Juju said. •

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