Life’s a marathon!

Life’s a marathon!

Life’s a marathon!

By Ellen Blake

Docklands resident Julie Boyd’s first time running a marathon was when she travelled 42 kilometres along the Great Wall of China.

After starting triathlons in her late 40s, Julie decided to run the marathon after being invited by a friend.

“I just thought, ‘wow that’s mad’. But I love travelling. So, I thought even if the run isn’t a success, it could be an adventure,” Julie said.

“It was the one that really got me started into running.”

Since then, Julie has become enamoured with the sport and has completed 11 overseas marathons in nine years. 

Julie has recently released her new book The Rise and Fall(s) of a Would Be Runner, which details her experiences competing in long-distance running events across Australia and around the world. 

“I’ve been writing a diary for 40 years now. I really enjoy writing and I really enjoy reading about other people’s adventures. I had it in the back of my mind to write a book for a long time,” Julie said. 

Julies lists marathons in Rio de Janeiro, Boston, and through Southern France’s vineyards as her most memorable running moments.

Alongside the highs, Julie also lists a notable experience participating in the Two Bays Trail run along the Mornington Peninsula.

“It was my first trail run and my first ultramarathon and I tripped on a tree root only 12 kilometres in and broke my shoulder,” Julie said.

“The idea of the book was to write about the ups and downs of running.”

Julie recommends long-distance running to everyone, including more mature runners.

“Running is just a great way of meeting people. I still have great friends from my trips,” Julie said.

And her advice to those tackling the 42 kilometres for the first time?

“To do a marathon you’ve got to believe in yourself and stick to a training plan,” Julie said.

“It’s important to be organised and stick to a regime. I have a training plan and I stick to it, even if it’s raining or too hot.”

Following COVID and the end of border restrictions, Julie aims to compete in the 89-kilometre Comrades Marathon in South Africa.

Despite her extensive travels overseas, Julie has called the Docklands area home for the past four years.

“I love being so close to all the things I like to do,” Julie said. 

“Just round Docklands itself is amazing. I love to run and see the water. I love the locality for the scenery and for the closeness to everything. It’s great.” •

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