Dirty with dog owners

Dirty with dog owners

Recently I took photos as I walked in front of the high-rise apartment buildings from number 50 Lorimer St to number 90 Lorimer St at South Wharf.

I [and others] object to the amount of dog owners that let their pets urinate around buildings, light poles, streets, in gardens.

They also let their dogs defecate in stone gardens outside restaurants (often not picking it up) in full view of diners. Children then unknowingly play with those stones!

I attach some of the photos I took. If your newspaper photographer came down and had a look, I am sure he/she would be shocked, it’s a disgrace.

Last week a dog owner really took the cake … he was sitting at one of the outdoor tables with his dog on the seat beside him, then to my horror, he let the dog climb up onto the table among the food.

Thank you,



Who’s in charge?

Dear Docklands,

I regularly cycle from Southern Cross Station to Docklands Library via Bourke St and the little lift down near Marvel Stadium.

Who is responsible for the cleaning, lighting and maintenance of this lift? It’s terrible, no wonder people don’t feel safe with dull lighting, graffiti and dirty glass.

Robert Irvine


Concerns for NewQuay

I read your article [“Locals have their say on NewQuay site”] in the latest edition of Docklands News and I would like to point out some spin from the developers.

I refer to all the advertising material and their website which give a completely misleading perspective to the reality.

The developer’s new website depicting the above address shows a photo with a nice park and low setback buildings.

At last, I thought, ‘great’, only to be let down.

This depiction is extremely misleading, further reading reveals this photo is actually the rear of the site, not the frontage the website home page depicts.

In reality, it is at the rear of the site near the school where there is no foot traffic and opposite the multi-storey car park.

The frontage to Docklands Drive is actually 70-metre-high walls vertical from the footpath.
Are the known mistakes that the Docklands is famous for about to be revisited?

This is a huge parcel of land which cost developers peanuts. They have the chance really do something really special here.
The concept should be rotated 180 degrees with the low setback building and the park on Docklands Drive.

From what I can gather the few residents who aware of this proposal are aghast at the sheer walls proposed for Docklands Drive.

Please point out to Docklands residents the reality of just what MAB have in store for this important site.


Graeme Davies

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