Cost of living crisis

Cost of living crisis
Adam Bandt

Melbourne is a fantastic place to live, but many in our community are doing it tough, with the cost-of-living crisis spiralling out of control. 

As Labor delivered its first federal budget last week, it had a choice: tax cuts for billionaires and politicians, or immediate cost of living relief.  

It was disappointing to see Labor choose tax cuts for the wealthy, while everyone else was left waiting. People can’t afford childcare, can’t afford the rent and can’t afford to go to the dentist. They can’t afford insurance, and they can’t afford the power bills. 

We must do more to address the cost of living right now. That’s why the Greens will keep fighting to get dental into Medicare for everyone, deliver free childcare and wipe student debt. 

With a Victorian Election around the corner, it’s time for our community to make a choice. 

In a wealthy country like Australia, everyone should have a roof over their head. But the homelessness crisis remains, and renters are doing it tough. During the first six months of 2022, the big four banks made $14 billion in profit, while interest rates rose too. 

The Greens will make housing affordable and end the special treatment for property developers. We’ll cap rents, giving renters’ real rights and push for urgent action to regulate short-stay apartments. 

Last month, communities in Melbourne were devastated by climate-floods. Coal and gas are fuelling the climate crisis, but the Victorian Labor Government wants to open up new gas drilling, near the 12 Apostles. Only the Greens have a plan to get out of coal and gas and replace it with 100 per cent renewable energy by 2030. 

During the past eight years, I have worked closely with my colleague in the Victorian Parliament Ellen Sandell to deliver for the Docklands community. Alongside the community, together we have improved TV reception, secured a Docklands school and invested in infrastructure and services. 

I am confident that Ellen can continue to be your strong, independent voice in Parliament, restoring integrity and working for you. 

This November, vote Greens for climate action, rent caps and integrity in government. •

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