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Precinct Perspective - August 2019

30 Jul 2019

Precinct Perspective - August 2019 Image

Precinct Perspective – Yarra’s Edge

I appreciate the opportunity to talk about our beloved Yarra’s Edge but it can only be as good as the information you all provide. This column will come out every third edition of Dockland News.

I would like to start by updating you all on a topic that is close to my heart and that is, opposing the tram bridge between Collins and Lorimer streets. The Andrews government has agreed to further assess two options that we have presented. We believe they are far better, cheaper and less destructive than the hugely expensive tram bridge, tram crossing and massive bridge over West Gate Freeway. The alternatives are:

Convert North Wharf Bridge, which adjoins Charles Grimes Bridge, to continue to take northbound vehicle traffic plus two-way trackless trams with an overpass into Lorimer St.

An immersed tube under the Yarra adjoining Bolte Bridge which could take trams, vehicles and be used to transport containers from the ports using robotics.

I have written to City of Melbourne asking that they look at extending the plastic strips along the boardwalk from two to four so as to designate half for bikes and scooters and the other half for pedestrians as I believe it’s a disaster waiting to happen. To date I have had no reply. In my opinion, the council gets substantial rates from our precinct but we get very little maintenance and they should be attending to the cracking concrete and broken paving which needs immediate attention. Okay, enough council bashing for now!

On a positive note, council does a great job in mowing and maintaining Point Park, which is extremely well utilised, but sadly, is the only green space in this immediate location until you get to the Forge development. Council has provided excellent bench seating which overlooks the river and park.

And of course, one of our main features is Marina YE which is the reason many of us purchased in this location. To look down and admire the variety of boats and yachts and the vista it brings, it would be a tragedy if we lost up to 71 larger boats if the tram bridge was to go ahead. I would think the marina and residential towers would have to be one of Melbourne’s greatest tourist attractions for photographers from Webb Bridge.

The Docklands precinct is fast becoming a sought-after location after a slow start due to some unfortunate publicity from a few media personalities and outlets and, as residents, it has much to offer in the way of lifestyle, easy access to CBD, shopping and restaurants. It also has a large variety of trendy bars which cater for all age groups. Not forgetting Marvel Stadium for sporting events, which offers much needed comfort from the elements under the retractable roof on these cold and wet nights.

What I would love to see are more events on our side of the river. Not just the outdoor cinema in the middle of summer but a bit more along the line of music, food vans and other interesting things. I encourage everyone to write in with their own thoughts on this so we are in your hands for ideas. We just have so much to offer here at Yarra’s Edge and, in saying that, we should be utilising and making better use of the Yarra’s Edge community space located at ground floor of 100 Lorimer St.

I would love to hear your ideas for the next edition as this is our community. That means a collective of all of us, so let’s make it even better.

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