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Letters to the Editor - May 2019

30 Apr 2019

Confusion over place names

I have just read your April edition. 

As a new Dockland resident (Forge building three months), I really enjoy your content to keep me a breast of what is happening, but I am confused by the names given to areas as follows:

Page 7 “Councillors unimpressed with request”

This article starts off by referring the Lendlease’s Collins Wharf development, but quickly refers to “its ambition for the North Wharf area”.

I’m not sure but believe that Collins Wharf refers to the area between ANZ and the recently completed Lendlease apartment block at the end of Collins St. Whereas everything else along North Wharf Rd is actually North Wharf, not Collins Wharf - yes?

And then at P14 “New hotel for North Wharf” article is not actually referring to North Wharf (as above) but the area opposite DFO which the article later properly calls Northbank?

And whilst I am at it, what is the wharf area in the middle of Victoria Harbour called?

Hope I’m not being too picky, but I am keen to monitor new developments and having agreement on the areas would assist greatly. Talking to my neighbours it is also clear that they are confused also.

Maybe an official map naming each area could be published.

Thanks again, I really do enjoy reading Docklands News


Tony Donohue

Editor’s reply

Thanks for your letter.

I agree that North Wharf is a somewhat ambiguous term.

I stand to be corrected on this, but we use the term to describe pretty much everything on the north bank of the river from the Spencer St Bridge to the end of the “peninsula” near the Bolte Bridge.  We do this because we understand that this was how the berths were described when the river was used as a port.  The berths were numbered. For example, the Riverlee development referred to in our “New hotel for North Wharf” story is described as Berth 5, North Wharf”.

The term Collins Wharf is a recent descriptor coined by Lendlease to describe its new residential development in Victoria Harbour (Victoria Harbour being used to describe the precinct and not the body of water!).  Lendlease uses the term to describe everything along the river west of the ANZ Centre to the control tower at the end of the peninsula.  

The pier in the middle of Victoria Harbour is called Central Pier.


Shane Scanlan


Public toilet woes

Yo, what’s up with all the public toilets in Docklands?

The public toilet under the NAB has gone from one of the cleanest toilets in Melbourne to filthy. It’s absolutely disgusting.

The public toilet in Cumberland St has been permanently locked for over a year, as has the public toilet on the Footscray side of the piazza. 

The toilet on the city side of the piazza is closed for unknown reasons on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and has had graffiti in the disabled toilet since before Christmas. The graffiti has been there so long its actually been graffitied over ... 

I wonder if whoever pays to have these toilets maintained realises that they’re paying to have toilets cleaned that don’t (or rarely) actually open. 

Also, I’d like to know if there is ever any analysis done of bacteria in them, as I bet dollars to donuts that taps, walls and doorhandles haven’t been cleaned in a long while.

“Spend a Penny”


Options will be considered

I’m pleased to advise that Hon Jacinta Allan MP Minister for Transport Infrastructure and the director of communications and engagement and the Department of Transport have responded to my emails and are honouring their election promise to consider alternatives to a tram bridge from Collins to Lorimer streets. 

We all agree that the best way to provide transport to Fishermans Bend redevelopment is rail with trains carrying up to 1000 passengers and most trams carrying up to about 200 passengers. 

The latest in transport technology are trackless trams which can carry up to 500 passengers and are considerably cheaper to roll out than light rain and can run on existing roads with rubber wheels. They are run on rechargeable batteries and don’t require expensive rails and wires and have to be better for our environment.

They have agreed to look at an immersed tube option under the Yarra River which can be used for various transport modes and would be ideal to carry containers from Webb to Swanson Docks, thus eliminating the need for road transport along busy Lorimer St which would reduce much congestion particularly at the Montague St intersection.

We have also lodged a Legislative Council e-petition to be heard by the Upper House prior to September this year. If anyone would like to sign our petition use this link -

It is very important if you object to the current tram bridge proposal that you voice your opinions this way.

This has been an ongoing concern over many years for residents from Docklands and Yarra’s Edge and many boat owners who will loose access to Marina YE which is one of Melbourne’s most photographed tourist attractions. 

Hopefully the government will consult widely with the many stakeholders when considering their options.

Keith Sutherland

Chairman, Yarra Residents Action Group


Is this an accident waiting to happen?

A growing number of commuter cyclists from or to the Moonee Ponds Creek  / Capital City Trail or Footscray bicycle path are cutting through NewQuay Promenade, to save a few minutes off their journey.

They’re doing so to not have to stop at the several traffic lights along the route, or bustle along with other cycling traffic.

Is this a problem or just my perception? I get so nervous when I see these cyclists speeding on NewQuay Promenade, especially in the afternoon when they weave their way through visitors, children, dogs and their walkers and residents.

I don’t have access to data that outlines how many people or animals were brushed, or injured by commuter cyclist on this stretch – but I’m sure it’s happening and I’m not seeing anything being done about this problem.

What’s the solution to speeding cyclists along a pedestrian boardwalk?

Gated entrances forcing cyclist to get off their bikes? Speeding limits and fines? Citizen reporting to the City Council or Police or VicRoads?

Farah Hassim

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