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Letters to the Editor - February 2018

05 Feb 2018

Wish list for November

This year’s state election will be defined by two major issues – one being transport infrastructure spending and the Opposition has made law and order via gang violence its top issue at this stage.

But for many of us living in the Docklands Yarra’s Edge precinct, the main opposition will be the proposed tram bridge from Collins to Lorimer St. 

Albert Park electorate held by government Minister Martin Foley will be one to watch as a lot of residents are unhappy with Mr Foley’s contradictory comments at a recent meeting suggesting Point Park will be retained but did not rule out support for tram bridge as recommended by Public Transport in the Fishermans Bend draft strategy. 

Several groups are incensed and will play a very prominent role leading up to this year’s election and will be canvassing the views of all parties and candidates standing for the seat of Albert Park.

The seat of Melbourne, currently held by Greens Ellen Sandell, will also be affected by the outcome of the tram bridge but it is believed at this stage she is sympathetic to the residents of Docklands’ concerns.

The Greens are feeling quietly confident after their recent success of winning the seat of Northcote from the ALP by Lidia Thorpe. 

Also they will be targeting Planning Minister Richard Wynne’s seat of Richmond as they try and make inroads to inner city Melbourne seats.

As residents of the Docklands area, we need to work on a wish list for the forthcoming elections as that’s the only way you get traction or action from political parties or candidates. It gives us residents and organisations a platform to improve the area and there sorely are many issues that we would like addressed. 

The Docklands precinct has about 60,000 people working and there are approximately 10,000 residents living in the area which gives it some unique qualities and is deserving of more council and state government attention. 

Now is the time for a co-ordinated approach and discussions about what should be included on that wish list. So it would be good to have some thoughts and ideas, please send them in to Dockland News.

Keith Sutherland


Financiers will win

The people’s river is being sold out to financial terrorists!

Nameless financiers are the only winners in the new Fisherman’s Bend Draft proposal to build a tram bridge over the Yarra to link Collins St trams with the new Fisherman’s Bend urban development.

The new tram bridge at a height of six-metres will close off access to the Yarra and its beautiful Yarra’s Edge Marina to all yachts both large and small. 149 berth owners, 1500 apartment owners and local business will be affected by the marina’s death.

Taxpayers will be forced to pay out $300 million dollars in compensation through litigation by Yarra’s Edge residents – the largest class action in Victoria’s history outside of the bushfires.

What is happening to the people’s river? Why are the faceless financiers and bankers profiting from further property development without adequate infrastructure planning and to the detriment of existing Docklands residents, businesses and berth owners.

YCAC (Yarra’s Edge Class Action Committee) and its 1500 members have notified government of its intention to litigate due to implementation of the tram bridge, threatening the viability of the marina and ultimately devaluing berth prices, business and real estate assets.

Who is considering the much loved, unique and threatened Nankeen Night Herron which has made its home at the marina?

Catherine Dawson

(Yarra’s Edge Class Action Committee – YCAC)

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