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New Owners’ Corporation Bill reads like a “favour for mates”

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The Silly Season

Health and Wellbeing - June 2013

28 May 2013

Anytime Fitness – West Melbourne

Just quickly, my name is Lucas and along with my fiancée Carla we are the franchisees for the Anytime Fitness – West Melbourne club. Originally from Canberra, we decided a change was needed, so we collected everything we could and invested in both a lifestyle change and, most of all, an industry neither of us would ever have imagined being in.

I worked the stereotypical job as a public servant, whilst Carla has spent the last 10 years in sales and marketing. Now to complement our business, we are currently studying for our Certificate III and Certificate IV in fitness.
With our club, we are going through all the required council documentation and approvals process. We will be coming very soon so keep an eye out for our fit-out progress and foundation membership pre-sales! So stay tuned as we will be contributing to the Dockland News every month.

If you would like to enquire further, feel free to give us a bell on 0437 154 598 or email at (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

No Time? Try a circuit.

Time! It’s like we just don’t have enough of it. And with modern day life getting even more demanding, our schedules just seem to be like an endless list of things to do. Sadly our health and fitness should be a much higher priority on this list but it’s the first thing we push to the bottom of the list.

Circuit Training might be your answer to this time and scheduling riddle. The beauty of circuit training is it can be done by yourself, with a friend or group and can be done in a gym or out in a park.

A five-station circuit should take roughly 30 minutes. So take a couple of core groups, a bit of cardio and some abs and you are set. And don’t forget to allow for at least a 60 second break between each set.

Example: Station 1: Bench Press; Station 2: Squats; Station 3: Seated row; Station 4: 60 seconds skipping rope; Station 5: Crunches/planks and finish with a 60 second break.

Ideally you want to get around five sets. If gyms aren’t your thing, replace the weights with body weight exercises like push-ups, burpees and chin-ups.

Remember to always consult with your local health professionals for advice.


SYNRGY 360 – What is It?

All this talk of circuit style training has got us excited to try out a new piece of equipment from Life Fitness called the Synrgy 360. This unit is cross training/group training/gym user all in one. It has 12 individual stations ranging from kettle bells, resistance bands, boxing bag, and a dip station just to name a few. We can’t wait to try this out ourselves but also to see the reaction it gets.

If you don’t like training by yourself, well you and 11 buddies can work out together – each person beginning on one of the Synrgy 360 stations and working your way around until your circuit is completed.

The Synrgy 360 will be a piece of equipment you won’t stop wanting to use because of its variety. The Synrgy 360 will be taking centre stage at Anytime Fitness – West Melbourne.

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