Check your child’s posture this back-to-school season

Check your child’s posture this back-to-school season
Dr Mike Edgley

As February rolls around, the excitement of a new school year is certainly in the air!

With freshly polished shoes and perfectly sharpened pencils, our little learners are eager for the challenges ahead.

However, while our kids are diving into their times tables and spelling bees, it’s also important to educate them about the importance of maintaining good spinal health.

Naturally, kids don’t often consider how slouching in their seats or lugging around a heavy backpack might affect their developing spines. That’s why a visit to the local chiropractor is so beneficial at this time of year.

We can assess your child’s spinal health and provide valuable tips on maintaining proper posture in class and the correct way to wear a backpack to support their spine.

Additionally, we can even adjust their backpack during the visit to ensure it is fitted correctly for the year ahead.

We also have a fun and rewarding “Back to School Health Checklist” that your little ones can tick off as they get ready for school.

The checklist, developed as part of the Australian Chiropractors Association’s (ACA) Back to School Campaign, is a great way to encourage kids to build healthy habits both at school and at home.

The checklist is quick and simple to follow and can be easily incorporated into your child’s everyday routine. For instance, packing a healthy lunch filled with lots of fruit and vegies, getting plenty of daily exercise, and wearing their backpack correctly by carrying them with both straps over the shoulders and with the buckles properly secured at the front.

Pick up your complimentary “Back to School” Health Checklist or colouring book from us today, or if you are concerned about your child’s spine or any other back to school related activities, book an appointment with us via

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