Docklands Chamber of Commerce strategic plan

Docklands Chamber of Commerce strategic plan
Shane Wylie

While I could easily write another piece on Lockdown 7.0, or mental health, or how many businesses won’t be coming back, I’m instead going to share the first thoughts for our five-year strategic plan and what we will be focusing on.

Number #1

If this virus and lockdowns have shown us anything it’s that the Docklands economy is too reliant on the corporate worker population. Aggregated and averaged, Docklands is currently down some 130,000 pedestrian visitors daily. This is a combination of the corporate worker population, event attendees and Central Pier patrons. Therefore, our first focus is to refocus Docklands and pitch it as the place to stay when visiting Melbourne. The high hotel room density, convenience of public transport and the existing retail and restaurant infrastructure makes it the ideal Melbourne holiday hub.

Number #2

Our seasonal economy has been too reliant on large-scale events – Australia Day, Firelight, New Year’s Eve, Marvel Stadium events, all of which have disappeared. So, the Chamber wants to focus efforts on smaller but more consistent activations. In addition to those mentioned above (should they return), we want to support and promote small-scale activations that encourage a few thousand regular visitors and continue with our efforts in Docklands Dollars.

Number #3

We want to sell Docklands as the locals know it. In the background we are building a campaign – “This is my Docklands”, showcasing the things we love about Docklands that the rest of Melbourne and Victoria simply don’t know. From the art and statues that dot around the precinct, to the beautiful parks, the waterways and our fantastic retailers and hospitality.

Number #4

Our longest-term strategic direction – to provide a permanent activation or feature(s) in Victoria Harbour. We’re very cognisant that our best resource is the harbour and it needs world-class attention to be a drawcard for Docklands and Melbourne in the broader sense. We will continue to push this agenda for as long as it takes.

Finally, while Docklands Dollars is currently on a little hiatus with lockdown, new members continue to take advantage of the free listing and exposure across our socials. Please contact me directly – [email protected] – if you’d like to be part of the Docklands Chamber which is still free for 2021 •

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