We will eventually be stronger

We will eventually be stronger
Shane Wylie

By Shane Wylie

This has been the toughest of lockdowns, I think most people would agree. I’d personally started to feel a little bit better about the world.

I know some businesses were planning on upscaling and those that were hurting noted they could see a change. Then we’re back into restrictions.

What’s the answer? Well, the greatest thing that I saw during the past month was the amazing reaction to the call for vaccinations. I remember walking past the Convention Centre one Sunday morning at 9am. Now the centre only opens at 9am and there was a line from Gate 4 all the way back across Spencer St and down Southbank. I came back later that day to understand that it was a six-hour wait, but that’s what we need to do.

So, I make this plea to everyone. The one thing we can all do right now to lessen the chance of us heading back into more devastating lockdowns is go get the jab, then follow it up with your second. Epidemiologically we need 80 per cent of the population to be immune to the virus and that responsibility lays with every second individual, so please …

Chamber movements and council initiatives

We are currently in the process of creating a range of short videos to highlight the best of Docklands. We are very aware that Docklands is going to struggle more than anywhere to exit this. The theme of these videos is “This is my Docklands”. You may have seen Tim (Video Cowboys) and I out and about doing these shots. If you have any ideas to contribute to the theme, then please send them along to [email protected]

You will also have seen a good number of vacant shop fronts being decorated with artistic decals. The City of Melbourne has sponsored this initiative and the chamber has provided input and advice into the best locations. You’ll see a massive and beautiful example of these at 351 Docklands Drive.

The Chamber also welcomed 16 new business members this past month, four of which are new businesses to Docklands. Membership to the chamber is free for all of 2021 and includes extensive exposure across our websites, social channels and newsletter.

Docklands Dollars

Docklands Dollars has continued to roll on and you’ll now be aware of the mirror program – Melbourne Money. You can combine both if you are staying two or more nights in Docklands or you can take advantage of Melbourne Money by itself if you are a local. Be quick though, Melbourne Money is expected to be fully exhausted by mid-July. Docklands Dollars, however, is expected to continue for the rest of this year. Docklands Dollars is open for registration at a minimum every Thursday at midday – docklandsdollars.com.au

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