LivMate: the new technology helping a post-COVID Docklands

LivMate: the new technology helping a post-COVID Docklands

By Jack Hayes

While we all ponder what “COVID-normal” will look like over the coming months, one Docklander and his team are paving the way with an innovative new technology to ease the worry.

LivMate is computing software that enables any business, venue or site to track their attendees in a COVID-safe manner using contactless registration and QR codes.

The new technology is co-founded by NewQuay resident, Domenic Zappia and his business partner, Jason Corbett.

“LivMate makes it simple to get started, registration is quick and easy, plus our quick setup guide ensures a good user experience. Once you register with LivMate, you don’t have to enter your details again,” Mr Zappia said.

“The software is totally customisable. Using a building site as an example. We have crews who come in and need to check whether workers have their necessary forms or to fill out compliance questions for COVID; we are then able to specifically tailor the software to a business’s needs by changing which fields attendees are required to enter.”

“You can create different work or visitation areas within LivMate where you can isolate who has visited or worked in a particular area. If you can segment where a particular person who may have COVID-19 visited, you know only the people connected to that area are the ones you’ll need to worry about.”

Mr Zappia, who has a long background in the Victorian education system, moved to Docklands in May after a two-year stint working with his son in Darwin.

Once arriving in Docklands, amid the emerging heights of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr Zappia immediately contacted his long-time business associate, Mr Corbett.

Together with Mr Corbett, who has a background in civil construction and is the founder of Linked Success – the company overseeing the development of LivMate and educational management software, uEducateUs – the pair saw a gap in an ever-growing market for COVID compliance.

“I have been working with Jason and his educational software for some time. So, when I got back from Darwin earlier this year, we saw the situation [COVID-19] as an opportunity and a great way to help make it easier for people and businesses,” Mr Zappia said.

“We have designed LivMate to suit the existing needs of a business while enabling them to adhere to COVID-safe practices and guidelines.”

LivMate also provides the opportunity for businesses to use the software not just for attendee registration but for their day-to-day administration like lodging time sheets.

The software charges businesses a small nominal fee per attendee to a given business, venue or site.

“You can also create groups of attendees. Just say you go to dinner with your friends or family, you can check in that group at once and continue to do so, without constantly needing to fill out forms or details,” Mr Zappia said.

With businesses slowly transitioning back to office working and the need to document movement a significant priority in that process, Mr Zappia and Mr Corbett have high hopes for LivMate and its implementation both in Docklands and the broader Australian community. “LivMate details have been provided to the State Government and the City of Melbourne and we are hoping for a positive response,” said Mr Zappia •

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