Yarra’s Edge residents call for new postcode

Yarra’s Edge residents call for new postcode

By Sean Car

A petition circulated by a group of Yarra’s Edge residents is building momentum south of the river in a bid to establish postcode 3007 for the precinct.

Led by long-term residents Keith Sutherland and Sue Stanley, the petition calls on the City of Melbourne to give Yarra’s Edge its own identity and ease confusion between its fellow postcode 3008 neighbours north of the river.

“Many of us have experienced difficulty or confusion at times, explaining our unique location, as many associate Docklands with The Wheel or Marvel Stadium,” the online petition states.

“When we vote in state and federal elections, we come under a different electorate to Docklands residents on the other side of the river.”

The group said it also wished to discuss a name change to “Yarra’s Edge” or “Lorimer” in addition to adopting the 3007 postcode so the precinct could be “recognised and more easily located.”

While Mr Sutherland said the move by in no way meant the precinct wanted to dissociate from the Docklands community, it has already sparked controversy among Docklanders on both sides of the river.

Despite having collected 355 signatures in its ultimate goal of 1000, many Yarra’s Edge residents have told Docklands News that they don’t agree with the proposal. Others from across the divide have also slammed the move as one of “superiority”.

However, Mr Sutherland said the group’s desire was simply aimed at easing confusion, and that with the future development of the Lorimer Precinct in Fishermans Bend, it made more sense for the Yarra’s Edge precinct to fall under “Lorimer”.

“It has been most difficult describing our Yarra’s Edge location as it’s not part of Docklands or South Wharf,” he said.

“Many of the providers have much difficulty using the phone apps to locate the various addresses and, in many cases, Uber give up and still charge a cancellation fee of $10.”

“Currently Yarra’s Edge has around 3000 permanent residents and there are plans to build about another 5450 apartments, which would mean about another 10,000 residents who would reside in the Lorimer precinct.” 

“We believe there are around 14,000 to 15,000 residents living in Docklands and similar numbers living in Southbank. Therefore, we believe there is no reason why Yarra’s Edge, or Lorimer, 3007 shouldn’t be a suburb in its own right.”

In 2018, the City of Port Phillip put forward a motion to rename its three precincts of Fishermans Bend as Montague, Sandridge and Wirraway. However, the proposal was deferred subject to further development and consultation.

In addition to the Employment Precinct, the City of Melbourne is responsible for the fourth residential precinct of Lorimer and some, like Mr Sutherland, believe that the new suburb, including Yarra’s Edge, should be established under a 3007 postcode.

The petition can be found at: itipetitions.com/petition/yarrasedge

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