Winston the worldly dog

Winston the worldly dog

By Rebecca Broadhead

Like his namesake Winston Smith from 1984, Winston the dog is a switched-on individual.

During his 13 years he has seen a lot, and he doesn’t take orders without question (well at least not from the cat he lives with).

He’s lived in the country where he spent his leisure time hunting rats, but since moving to the city in November, he has mostly switched from chasing rats to toys, although not completely.

“He has all different types of toys like his croissant, dumpling and bubble tea, which he all knows by name,” Winston’s owner Jess said.

Winston loves to interact with all the dogs on the promenade and catch up on the latest news in the local area. Jess said, “He’s a very cosmopolitan dog.”

“He’s great with kids and really good at being patted.”

Jess, who works in film, likes to play on the idea that one day soon Winston might make it into a movie being filmed at Docklands Studio •

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